Adams Redline Rpm 460d Driver W/ Grafalloy Shaft, Weights, Wrench, & Head Cover


Adams Redline Rpm 460d Driver W/ Grafalloy Shaft, Weights, Wrench, & Head Cover

A Golf Digest 2005 Hot List Recommended Medal winner, the Adams Redline RPM 460D is designed to give golfers maximum performance and forgiveness. With two adjustable weights mounted to the head, it can be customized to play a fade, a draw, or a neutral swing.  The details of this particular club are outlined below:
The titanium 460 cc head on this club is in good shape overall. There are no sky marks, scrapes, or gouges in the paint, save a tiny chip on the back of the head (barely visible in the second picture). The base plate has shallow scratches but nothing deeper than the surface. The face has one vertical scratch (visible in the bottom right frame of the first picture) but otherwise shows only light wear typical for a used club.  The threads for the weighted screws are in excellent shape, and the weights hold firmly in the back. Hosel and shaft connection are impeccable.
This club is fitted with a stiff Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue shaft (standard length, standard lie). It has no chips, gouges, or cracks and no signs of damage whatsoever. It's in very good shape - you'll have to look close to even find any signs of wear.
The Golf Pride grip still has plenty of play left in it, but it's starting to show a little wear. The picture will give you an idea. I tried to catch the worst angle possible on the grip so there would be no surprises. Take it for what it's worth.
The matching RPM 460D headcover is in like new condition. I bought it new after I bought the club.
This driver comes with four weights and the wrench to change them. Two of them (12g and 2g) will be packaged with the wrench and can be used to give the fade or draw bias (the wrench itself is in very good shape, not damaged in any way). The neutral set of weights are in the head. However, rather than the two 7-gram weights that typically come with the driver, this one is equipped with two 10-gram weights, giving it an extra 6g of total weight.

If you have any questions about this auction please feel free to drop me a line.
After winning the 2005 Senior British Open, Tom Watson reportedly stated during a practice round that his RPM 460 Dual was "the best driver I ever had in my life."  See if you agree by trying this driver for yourself.

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